First Impression : Lala Cynical Rabbit Teatree Relaxing Silky Mask Pack [Pore Care]

Hello, Hi! 

It’s been a while since my last updated review. Here is another one of my masks cycles. Today I’m going to review a mask from Lala : Cynical Rabbit Teatree Relaxing Silky Mask [Pore Care]

Description :

Contains extracts like tra tree, mugwort and huttuynia cordata. Those ingredients provide the sensitive skin with the pure and moist and help to alleviate the skin trouble by soothing. Also, silky wearing sensation of the mask without gaps help to deliver active ingredient in essence to the skin effectively and to make the burnished skin.

How to Use:

  1. Clean and dry face thoroughly 
  2. Open pouch, unfold mask and apply it on your face
  3. Wear the mask for 10-20 minutes and peel of gently from the edges.

The packaging :

White packaging with a hint of green representing the tea tree ingredients. I’m kinda liking it. It’s clean and simple. Not to mention hozo character. It’s cute!

The volume : 27 g

The scent : sweet scent that I can define. I’ve no trouble with the scent though. I kinda like it. 

What I feel :

This mask is meant for dehydrated and sensitive skin resulted in calming blemishes and moisturizing skin.

It’s packed with the best ingredients to eliminate blemishes  such as tea trea extracts, Houttuynia Cordata extraxts. But beware, since it contains methylparaben-a preservative with chemical formula (though it’s listed in the bottom of ingredients list, still it worried me!).

The essence was abundant and it was good. So I can apply the remnant to another area. It’s a cream gel-like colored essence. Not too thick though. 

The sheet was remarkable, it’s so thin that looked like the skin. It was drenched in essence and applied easyly. Fit well onto the face too. Just be careful not to ripped the sheet mask! 😆

The after was also amazing. My skin feels hydrated with less stickiness. And it also tone up my skin a little bit, not really eliminating my redness though. Most importantly, it did decrease my pores’ size. 

L i k e : 

  • Quick absorption 
  • Non sticky formula
  • Thin sheet mask
  • Decrease pore size 
  • Can get easily in online Korean shops

D i s l i k e :

  • Contain paraben 

I like this Lala : Cynical Rabbit Teatree Relaxing Silky Mask [Pore Care].  Therefore, I’m rating this 3.5/5 


Banila co. Radiant Foundation Longwear SPF31 PA++

Hi all.  

It’s been a long time since my last review. So hopefully this review will mark my comeback in a world of blogging. 😊

I really like foundations whether it belongs to American or Korean. This time I’m going to review my new lüv that I found almost eight months ago. And FYI. I’ve been using this for a month which is decent enough to finally write a review.  It’s a foundation from Banila co. : Radiant Foundation Longwear SPF31 Pa++ in shade BE20

The box’s packaging are all in creamy cream color with beautiful touch on the side.

The bottle is a sturdy frosted plastic with a pump so it’s hygienic. And it’s able to dispense a adequate amount of products. Therefore, you don’t have to worry of spilling foundation. Which is a plus!

I must say the coverage is light to medium but it’s still buildable. And it has a subtle brightness and radiance. 

It has a sweet powdery scent and subdued quickly afterwards.

Under application my red spots due to previous acnes are still visible and the foundation starts fading after 5 hours and getting oilier on T-zone since I have a combination skin. So this one is more suitable for dry to normal skin. 

I mostly apply this with my damp Real Techniques sponge which gives more coverage than a brush. The result still produce lots of dewiness whilst i prefer my foundation to be semi matte or matte.

I don’t like or dislike this foundation as much. It’s just an average foundie in my opinion. Therefore I’m rating this 3.5 / 5

What about you? What is your favorite foundation?