Review : Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling in Green Tea 

I really like Neogen Dermalogy product. And of course Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling is one of them. Neogen offers a wide range of skincare products although it tends to pricey side the qualities itself are questionless great. What i have is a Green Tea.

Moreover, as far as I know all Neogen products are cruelty free. And here is, ingredients list as per CosDNA

The packaging is a large and simple plastick container which holds 30 pads and exfoliating juices, ready to use. Despite the fact that it contains alcohol denat, it doesn’t irritate me. The smell is so refreshing and nice. I’m digging it!

Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling itself is described as a gentle exfoliating pad that offers all the benefits of chemical and mechanical exfoliating in one. It provides gentle yet effective exfoliation of dead skin cells and impurities.(30 pads)

Product Details:

• Lactic acid (AHA) penetrate deep into your pores, to clean out dead skin cells and debris that can clog pores
• Blended with Green Tea Extract that helps tighten pores & prevent melanin production
• Contains Centella Asiatica Extract to enhance skin firmness & repair skin damage  
• Dead skin cells are sloughed off the surface of the skin using the unique 3 layer pad technology
• Skin appears visibly clearer, smoother & moisturized
• Dermatologist tested & Perfect for all skin types

How to use:

1. After cleansing, slip your fingers into the sleeve of the gauze peeling pad so that the criss-crossed gauze side is facing down. Use gentle, circular motions all over a dry face and neck, working your way up to your forehead.
2. Rotate the pad so that quilted side is facing down. Swipe the softer side across the face to pick up the remaining debris. 
3. Rinse with lukewarm water.

I really love this peeling gauze! Thia product product provides soft and gentle yet effective exfoliation.

Actually there are three different types of peeling gauzes : Wine, lemon and green tea. So far, Green tea is my favorite. Gives me super soft skin with no irritation. Pad is so big and saturated. I use it twice a week and afterwards my skin feels smoother, brighter, clerer and moisturized. And I can see an impressive improvement in my complexion.

L i k e 

  • Easy and fast to use 
  • Gives a prominent result
  • Less acnes 
  • Refreshing scent 

D i s l i k e 

  • Quite expensive

I give this Neogen products 4.5/5. And I will definitely repurchase it. Have you tried one of these? What do yoi think?


Skin&Lab Dr. Color Effect Red Cream Review. Is It That Good??

Hi all, 

As promised. Here is my review od Skin&Lab Dr. Color Effect Red Cream. I’ve been applying this on my skin almost 3 weeks now along with my Skin&Lab Red Serum. 

I like the packaging. It’s bright red and simple. And about the scent I adore it! It’s a mixture of berries and rose which sweet and addicting.

This pinkish cream is greatly packed with the best ingredients that ultimately WOW me. Especially the Rosa Damascena Callus Culture Extract that functioning as an anti-oxidant effect that will boost skin’s improvement.  Not too mention it contains Niacinamid (active ingredients for whitening effect) and Adenosine (active ingredients for wrinkle improvement).

Ingredients list as per CosDNA

In short, Red Cream resets your skin with million of Damascan Roses with benefits : 

– Restoring your skin elasticity
– Firming and moisturizing
– Preventing the skin from aging
– Brightening the dull skin 
– Giving a soft, firm and plump skin textures
– Non sticky and non oily 

So far, I can state that this Red Cream make my skin moist and plump. It’s also eliminate my redness and brighten my acne scars. Though I got a combination skin it doesn’t make my skin like oil-soaked. It feels nice on my skin and is absorbed wonderfully. But I can’t say much about wrinkle improvement.

Is this cream can be stated as HG product? Yes definitely! I like how it works amazingly on my skin.  

I got mine from Althea Korea for a reasonable price since I got a shopping voucher. 

Is it that good? Y e s! Therefore, I’m rating Red Cream 4.5/5  and of course I’ll absolutely  will repurchase once I’ve used up all my Red Cream. 

So, have you tried this Skin&Lab Dr. Color Effect Red Cream?

First Impression Of Skinfood Rose Essence Lip Balm No. 2 : Tinted Balm

Dear all, 

This time I’m going to review a Lip Balm from Skinfood. It’s an Skinfood Rose Essence Lip Balm No. 2 :A tinted Balm  

I got this from February’s My Beauteque Bag.Though I just use it I can say that I’m liking it. 

Described as An essence lip balm with rose essential oil that moisturizes and nourishes your lips at the same time while protecting from environmental aggressors. The subtle fragrance of rose attunes your senses.

How To Use : Apply liberally onto the lips whenever they feel dry or you want to create soft lips 

1. For malnourished, dry, flaky lips: No. 1 Treatment Balm 2. For natural-looking rosy lips: No. 2 Tinted Balm

I can say this balm surprisingly moisturizing. It has thick -gel like consistency but does not feel uncomfortable. The color is dark pink and smells like rose – very wonderful but not too overpowering. The packaging is neat but I don’t like the rose patterned paper. I looks a little bit cheap. I think it would be better if the lip balm tin is engraved with rose patterns. 

The color soakes beautifully to the lip and leaves a nice sheer pink tint. More like glossy finish.Moreover I  also notice that it also makes lips smoother. 

L i k e

  • Very affordable around $3-5
  • Beautiful pink tint with glossy finish

D i s l i k e 

  • The scent could be too strong for some people
  • Does not like dipping my finger into it

I’m pretty impressed with overall quality of this balm. Will I recommend this? Of course I’m rating this 4/5

    Banila co. Radiant Foundation Longwear SPF31 PA++

    Hi all.  

    It’s been a long time since my last review. So hopefully this review will mark my comeback in a world of blogging. 😊

    I really like foundations whether it belongs to American or Korean. This time I’m going to review my new lüv that I found almost eight months ago. And FYI. I’ve been using this for a month which is decent enough to finally write a review.  It’s a foundation from Banila co. : Radiant Foundation Longwear SPF31 Pa++ in shade BE20

    The box’s packaging are all in creamy cream color with beautiful touch on the side.

    The bottle is a sturdy frosted plastic with a pump so it’s hygienic. And it’s able to dispense a adequate amount of products. Therefore, you don’t have to worry of spilling foundation. Which is a plus!

    I must say the coverage is light to medium but it’s still buildable. And it has a subtle brightness and radiance. 

    It has a sweet powdery scent and subdued quickly afterwards.

    Under application my red spots due to previous acnes are still visible and the foundation starts fading after 5 hours and getting oilier on T-zone since I have a combination skin. So this one is more suitable for dry to normal skin. 

    I mostly apply this with my damp Real Techniques sponge which gives more coverage than a brush. The result still produce lots of dewiness whilst i prefer my foundation to be semi matte or matte.

    I don’t like or dislike this foundation as much. It’s just an average foundie in my opinion. Therefore I’m rating this 3.5 / 5

    What about you? What is your favorite foundation?

    Product Review : Red Serum From Skin&Lab 

    Hi, how you’re all doing? I’ve been doing great and I’m eager to write. . .  I’m thankful to all readers that keep this blog alive. Though I’ve been in hiatus since middle of June 2016. A lot of things happen since then. 

    And btw, for your information I also post in my instagram  mppiiew. 

    Today, I’m going to review a serum. I love serum and it’s always been a part of my day and night skincare regime. A serum from Skin&Lab called Dr. Color Effect Red Serum.

    The packaging is simple yet elegant. It comes in sturdy red glass packaging with a dropper applicator which control how many products got out. So it comes handy. 

    It’s sized 40ml per bottle so It will last quite a while.It might last two to three months in daily basis use. 

    What I love about this serum it doesn’t leave a sticky feelingIt smells wonderfully berry-ish. It’s sweet and not too overpowering. I usually use 3-4 drops for the entire face using pat pat motion. It has thick and transparent consistency which could be blended easyly and I think the serum gets absorbed into the skin fairly quick.

    I’ve got red marks from past acne scars and this serum helps diminishing the redness ( I’m sorry I don’t have an before-after image) since I’m not quite sure this serum will work. Yet it does! 🖒Fyi I’m using this serum before my foundations in the morning and in my night skin care routine. 

    Immediate result that i notice as well are my skin looks moist/plump and even. An healthier complexion I must say. 😁 Fyi, I have combination skin. 

    I got mine from Althea Korea for Idr244.400 eq  $17-20. Pretty expensive huh? 

    L i k e :

    1. Easyly absorbed into skin 
    2. Doesn’t leave sticky feeling 
    3. Healthier complexion 
    4. Eliminate redness
    5. The fruity scents 
    6. Packed with great ingredients 

      D i s l i k e : 

      Expensive 😆

      I recommend this Red Serum simply because it does what it advertised. And I definitely will repurchase. Therefore, I’m rating this serum 4.5/5

      It is suggested to be used at the same time for more better result with Skin&Lab Red Cream which I will review on next opportunity. 

      So what do you think? Have you tried this Skin&Lab Dr. Color Effect Red Serum?

      My First Buy From Testerkorea in 2017 

      Hi, this is my first buy from Testerkorea in year 2017.

      Though, there a lot of online korean beauty market nowadays.Testerkorea still one of my best online shop even though I’ve not shopped as often as i used to be but I keep myself coming back to Testerkorea. 

      Mostly, because of the price it offers and nowadays it’s shipped not through custom office which accelerate the shipping time. 

      So these were what I bought :

      And the shipping cost is based on the weight of your bought product. 

      I paid KRW 75.900 Eq. Idr 910.000. 

      I heard lots of good reviews on cleansing stick. So i bought two of them. From the famous Su:m37 Miracle Rose cleansing stick and from my favorite brand Neogen Real Fresh Cleansing Stick. From the size of it, they will last a looooooong time. 😁 and another brightening product called Neogen Vita Lightening Serum ( I’m addicted to any brightening product) 😆


      Bought on 22 January 2017

      Shipped on 01 February 2017

      Received on 09 February 2017 

      It took 20 days to get to me whilst it could be 10 days. I think the shipping preparation took too much time!almost 10 days! Well, that is something to fix Testerkorea 😣

      I rate my shopping experience 3.5 / 5 

      What do you think? Do you have these skincare product? 

      Too Faced Sweetheart Perfect Blush Blush in Something About Berry 

      Hi. How have you been? The day is soooo gloomy here in Bandung Indonesia. It’s raining hard early this morning.  .  . Perfect day to be lazy. 😚

      Today is another short review of my favorite blush on Too Faced Sweetheart Perfect Blush Blush in Something  About Berry. I may say that I’m more into American beauty products nowadays. Like this one! Though I’m a little bit late.😆

      Too faced is well known for it’s adorable packaging. Its baked and and shaped like a heart. A blush that is perfect for every skin tone. And I’m sucker a for cute packaging.

      Too Faced introduce the blush as The multiple colors create dimensional color to provide healthier, younger an brighter look. And i could not agree more. It’s fantastic! 😊 

      The colors in Something About Berry  so natural looking and so easy to build up. Don’t forget there is a little shimmer to it as well. The pigmentation is great but I have to use a light hand when applying this blush. And it does glow! This has a  rather intense sheen to it and it gives life to my complexion in a nice way.

      And it also is a decent size for the price. I bought this Idr440.000,00 (quite expensive in Indonesian currency) but I think one blush will last a long time. 

      I like these all pink color because it matches my skin tone very well. And you too can get another shade like Sparkling Bellini, Candy Glow and Peach Beach that more to peachy side. 

      I usually apply this with my blush brush from Real Techniques with swirl motion around all three shades. 

      So far I like this Sweetheart Perfect Blush Blush from Too Faced. And I’m rating this 4.5/5.

      So girls, which shade do you have? Do you like it as much as I do? 

      Unboxing New Box : Althea Korea Indonesia

      Hi. Im very excited to bring you new unboxing of Althea Korea Indonesia. It’s not a subscription box. I bought several products  and they send in a very  beautiful and elegant pinkish boxes.

      Althea is new Online shopping that specializes in selling Korean make up and skin care. What I like about Althea is they provide a wide range of unusual brand that I’ve never heard of. So here I am, giving it a try! 

      My order my package at 24th of May

      Shipped on 26th of May  

      Received on 5th of June 

      Quite fast isn’t it? It just averagely 10 days to reach my domain in Indonesia from Korea. So here is the box . . .

      In comes in a neon pink plastic wrapping which is neat! I really like the packaging 👍

      The pinkish box is just too sweet to be thrown away so I’m keeping it. 

      Yeeeeeeeey. At last! The inside contain 4 bulky products and one mask given by Althea.

      These are the products that I bought :

      Gram Double Chemi Ban Ban Pack

      It’s advertised as got two packs for one price. Because inside there is half half product. The green clay and the yellow moisturizer.

      Chica Y Chico Skin Texture Toner 

      Chica Y Chico Matt Cushion No 23

      And Bubble Sugar Scrub 

      That’s all for now. I’m sorry if it’s not thorough enough. But I’m sure you’ve got the whole picture of these unboxing.

      I’m rating my shopping experience 4.5/5.

      May Mask Maven : Hydration Station 

      Hi all. It’s another masks from Beauteque’s. And I may say that I really like May Mask Maven’s selection. This month theme is Hydration Station!

      These are the price list that I found, hope it will help to determine which masks you may try:

      Aritaum Fresh Power Essence Mask is priced $0.85-$1.00

      Mizon Enjoy Vital Up Time Calming Mask is $1.73-$2.00

      Mediheal Foot Mask is around $3.00

      No:hj is $2.16-$2.50 

      And Scinic Essence Mask is around $0.85-$1.00

      Though this month Mask Maven still has two items from the same brand. I like these selection better than last month. And I’m glad having a foot mask. It’s been a while since I’ve a foot care! 

      Btw, all the packaging are cute, I just don’t have a heart to tear them open. 😬😬😬

      What are your favorite masks?

      And thank you for reading 😊

      Another May Mini Haul from RoseRoseShop

      Hi. It’s been a month since my last writing. Quite sometimes huh? But I’m back with my new mini haul from RoseRoseShop. And I wish I could review all of the stuff I recently bought.  So you could decide whether one of these products is effective on your skin or ‘maybe’ not☺️.

      I bought myself : 

      ❤️ Nature Republic  Bamboo Charcoal 

      ❤️ Holika Holika Soda Pore Cleansing B.B Deep Cleansing Foam

      ❤️ The Saem Chocopie Hand Cream (it’s cute!) in marshmallows 

      ❤️ Get New Skin All Wanted Aqua Bird’s Nest Energy Cream

      ❤️ The Face Shop Herb Day Lip & Eye Makeup Remover 

      ❤️ Tony Moly Choco Mushroom Cream Pore Pack

      I like all of these products simply because of the packaging and ingredients. I’ll review after I use the product myself. So have you tried one of these? Btw RoseRoseShop gave Neulli’s samples and I’ve always found my online shopping experience is satisfying with RoseRoseShop 👌 

      Happy shopping everyone