First Impression: RiRe Pigment Eyeshadow in White, Gold Clutch and Peach Peach

Hi all, 

Now it’s time for makeup! It’s RiRe Pigment eyeshadow from RiRe. This is my third reviews of RiRe products. You can say I’m into this brand. 😊

I’ve got mine from Althea Korea in Glitter Box that has sold out on the web. So in this review I want to talk over three shades I’ve got from Althea.

Described as : RiRe Pigment is a loose glitter that can be used alone or on top of eye shadow, face, hair or body.

Jewel-toned, multi-dimensional pigments.

Lustrous high-color.

Long-lasting wear.

Add instant color sophistication and light-catching.

shimmer to any makeup look by layering RiRe Pigment on top of contrasting eye shadow colors to create a unique multi-dimensional effect, or use it alone for shimmering elegance!

How to Use

Use a brush or sponge applicator and apply around eye area to create your desired look.

The three shades that I’ve got is Snow White, Gold Clutch and Peachpeach 

From left to right: Snowwhite, Gold Clutch, Peachpeach

The packaging : simple plastick container with black cap. It’s so sturdy so I don’t worry it will break (if it somehow falls). 

Volume : 2.5g 

Snow white
Gold clutch

What I feel : 

It’s a great pack with a great value. The pigmentation is awesome and I think it’s a fun beautiful product and easy to apply on the eyelid for sparkling effect. I said easy because the loose glitter only have a little falls out. I think it because the loose glitters are made in big chunks instead of soft one. So it’s easiest to handle. And it sparks my whole eye complexion. I like it!

On application, the effortless application (in order) would be Gold Clutch, Peachpeach then the last would be Snow white. Snow white is a little bit patchy and the aftereffects not as smooth as the other two. And I like Gold Clutch the best. It really enhances my dark brown eyes. 

It’s easier to use my finger on applying this pigments to create a desired look instead of using brushes. 

But It’s hard to remove even though I have used my eye & lip remover and clensing water as well. But it’s okay. Because this kinda product must glow and spark real hard. 😁 

I wish I got more colors like burgundy or pink from Althea Box. More variety! 

L i k e  

  1. Affordable around $4-6
  2. Easy to apply 
  3. Little falls out 
  4. Available largely in Korean online shops 

D i s l i k e 

  1. Some colors might be patchy

Maybe I will collect another colors as well. I’m rating this 4/5. 

What do you think, have you tried this too?